The Essential Tech Toolkit for Insurance Agents and Small Business Owners (FREE e-book)

Insurance Agents and Small Business Owners are busy, overworked, understaffed, and under-resourced. Technology can help. The business landscape is changing rapidly and emerging softwares are leveling the playing field.

Inside you will discover...

  • 35 Pages of Helpful Softwares/Apps for Local Agents and Small Business Owners
  • How to make better use of software/apps you already have!
  • The Best New Tech Tools for Productivity, Marketing, Workflows 
    and More!
Here’s what you'll learn from "The Essential Tech Toolkit" (35 page ebook):
  • Chapter 1: Productivity– This chapter will expose you to latest in time-saving, productivity software and apps
  • Chapter 2: Browser Optimization – We use our web-browser more than most any other tool and yet we have forgotten to optimize it. This chapter will change all that.
  • Chapter 3: Digital Marketing & Social Media – Digitial Marketing can consume all of your time if you're not careful. These tools will enable you to do more in less time. 
  • Chapter 4: Writing Advertising Copy & Blogging –  Those who communicate most clearly win. These tools will sharpen your writing/communication all the way to the bank.  
  • Chapter 5: Digital Images – In the digital age visual content reigns supreme. The tools in this chapter will outfit you with all you need to create and use beautiful images.
  • Chapter 6: Mobile Office & Travel-less Tech – Mobile work is more viable than ever before. These tools will allow you to do all you need to do, from anywhere. 
  • Chapter 7: Sales, Leads, & Quotes – Learn to scape website for your own leads, organize cold-calling campaigns and to keep track of personal details for all clients/prospects.